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You have only one chance to make a good first impression

Your customers expect professional results. Poor grammar, spelling or punctuation can distract from the professional message you are trying to convey.

We can help you to meet those needs...

Why Hire a Freelance Paralegal?

Paralegals can offload many of the more mundane tasks that are typically required of lawyers. Many law offices keep paralegals on staff and pay salaries and benefits even if they are under utilized.

A freelance paralegal is only paid for hours worked and does not receive costly benefits. This means you only pay for the work produced. More...

Why Hire a Scopist?

Productivity is the bottom line for the successful court reporter. The more pages produced, the greater the income. Editing transcripts takes away from time that could be better spent taking more depositions.

A scopist can offload the task of transcribing and editing steno notes and producing documents to your formatting specifications. More...

Why Hire a Proofreader?

Too often proofreading is left to modern word processors. Relying on a word processor for spelling, grammar and punctuation suggestions can lead to unintended misspellings or “corrections”.

Proofreaders carefully review a document, looking for spelling, grammar, punctuation or structural errors. A good proofreader will catch far more errors than even the best word processor and give your document a professional appearance. More...