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Pricing of Services

Fees are based on either a per hour charge or a project by project basis. Other factors include the complexity of the project, the turnaround time required and the payment schedule negotiated on the project.

Please contact Alycia Matchen at (914) 329-5102 for a project proposal, or email your project specifications and needs to

A cost estimate will, in most instances, be available within 24 hours. Please specify if a quicker turnaround on the proposal is needed and provide a telephone number and fax number, in addition to an email address, if available, for quicker communication.

If you anticipate needing regularly scheduled assistance, or assistance with ongoing part time projects, a retainer fee may be negotiated at a discounted price.

New customers will receive a 15% discount in fees for the first project or for the first 20 hours of a regularly scheduled retainer agreement.