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What a Scopist Does:

Scopists convert the notes of court reporters’ verbatim notes of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, and other events when written accounts of spoken words are needed in the form of transcripts.

Scopists may also assist court reporters by maintaining and/or updating the computer dictionary that they use to translate stenographic strokes or voice files into written text. After documenting proceedings, scopists may assist court reporters by editing their CAT (Computer Aided Translation) transcript for correct grammar, for accurate identification of proper names and places, and to ensure that the record or testimony is discernible. They usually prepare written transcripts and may make copies.

In addition to possessing speed and accuracy, scopists must have excellent listening skills, as well as good English grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation skills.

They must be aware of business practices and current events as well as the correct spelling of names of people, places, and events that may be mentioned in a broadcast or in court proceedings. For those who work with legal professionals, an expert knowledge of legal terminology and criminal and appellate procedure is essential.

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